Newborn Essentials: Feeding

Here are my feeding essentials that have gotten me through the first 6 weeks of Evelyn's life! I'm primarily nursing and then pumping a few times a day. Evy is a pro at going from breast to bottle and has been since she was born. At the hospital we found out she had a shallow latch and was a biter (gum-er?) she tore up my nipples in her first few hours, so by the time we went home I was crying at every feeding. So I began pumping to give myself a break to heal and ever since I've been loving being able to give her bottles as well as the bonding and convenience of nursing.

1.  Boppy Nursing Pillow: This has been amazing, you'd be surprised how tired your arms get holding that little baby up. I am so glad I lugged it to the hospital with us! Every time I'm nursing somewhere else without it I definitely miss it. 

2. Medela Contact Nipple Shield: A huge thank you to whoever created this, without it I may have given up nursing completely and exclusively pumped. It has helped correct Evy's latch as well as protect my nipples. We are starting to wean off of it, yay!

3. Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra: Comfiest nursing bra by a landslide. I have several, I wear them all day including to sleep. 

4. Motherlove Nipple Cream: I have several nipple creams that I liked but this was my favorite. It's an all natural salve that is safe for mommy and baby and actually works. Also it's very easy to apply, which is a big deal with you have cracked sore nipples.

5. JJ Cole Pacifier Pod: I keep my nipple shields in these strategically placed around the house and attached to my diaper bag. Without them I would have lost the little clear plastic nipple shields.

6. Playtex Drop-Ins Newborn Nurser Gift Set:  We tried out 5 or 6 different bottles and these were our favorite. I love the drop-ins, the slow flow nipples work great, and Evy doesn't take in too much air. The set also comes with pump adapters so you can pump directly into the drop-ins, so that's one less bottle that gets dirty.

7. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover:  Discrete, functional, and pretty. All you could ask for in a nursing cover. I especially love the fact that it has a rigid neckline so you can look down and see your baby. 

8. Medela Swing Breast Pump: I picked out this pump the day after we came home from the hospital. I thought I'd only be pumping occasionally so I got an electric single pump, its small and portable with decent suction. I will probably be upgrading to a double electric pump sooner than later. 

9. Boon Grass Drying Rack: It's a drying rack that looks like grass. Not much else to say about it other than it works. I like that I can fit all of the funny shaped pump parts on it.


  1. Thats a great idea to keep the nipple shield in the pacifier cases! I had to use one when I was breastfeeding because my son was a biter also, but it was due to a tongue tie. I would lose mine allll the time and yell, "Babe, come help me find my nipple!!"

    1. I lost several of them before I realized I needed to figure out how to keep track of them!

  2. Nice list!! Love getting other peoples opinions on stuff that works. Looking forward to trying some of these out in the near future.

    1. I hope some of these things work out for you! I know I looked at ton of lists like these while I was expecting looking for reviews and such.


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