Pararescue Wife

I started this blog with the intent of talking about my experiences as a military spouse and more specifically as the wife of a PJ. It turned into a whole lot of random with not many details about being a military spouse and since we had our daughter I haven't posted much of anything. But I'm going to leave the blog up because of the wonderful emails I receive from girlfriends, wives-to-be, and wives of men who are interested in becoming Pararescuemen.

I am still more than happy to answer questions, offer advice, and to just talk to anyone about being a Pararescue wife.

So keep the emails coming!



  1. What a lovely couple! With your efforts on sharing you opinion and giving advice to military spouses as well is very great. Keep it up and cheers to Military spouse!

  2. Hi Abbie! I hope you are still answering questions. I am a soon to be PJ wife and I emailed you. Hope you are able to answer back!


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